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September and October have been busy months. Pastor Darcy has just arrived back from his recent trip to Papua New Guinea where he attended the first combined Zone, district pastors and oversight conference held in Lumi. Lumi was chosen for the venue as this is the birthplace (1982) for Revival in the country. Over 350 oversight attended.

Fun Team Building games


Team Building

Team building

On arriving back in Australia, Pastor Darcy attended the NSW Rally held in Manly. “Life Saviour” was the theme, and ministry highlighted the message of salvation of loving thy neighbour and how Jesus the life saviour brought the good news to the world.

Band in action

One of two baptisms to conclude the rally

Brisbane was the host of our annual Southeast Children’s camp, a six-day camp with an extension weekend for the older children.

This past weekend was a combined fellowship of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast with Pastor Stephen McCauley bringing the main talk ‘Diamond in the Rough’ followed by the Camp plays being reformed for all to see. It is a delight to see the children come together in fellowship and unity enjoying their walk in the Lord.

Combined fellowship

The children concluded the day with their camp theme song.

Camp song

Coming up will be the New Zealand rally in Hawkes Bay



The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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