Buka (PNG) Christmas Camp

Buka (PNG) Christmas Camp

Buka is one of our newest centres in the autonomous region of Bougainville of Papua New Guinea. I had the privilege of joining the local saints and several visitors from the PNG mainland for Christmas camp.

The main centre is located on the Bougainville mainland which requires a boat ride across the beautiful Buka passage.

We had two outreaches one on either side of the passage.

The sisters play tambourines as we sing choruses.

Though Santa didn’t find me in Buka, it’s too hot for reindeer, Christmas Day was special as we had one of the three baptisms during camp in the ocean.

Bougainville represents an exciting new development in the church and maybe if the Lord tarries the beginnings of centres in the lower Bougainville Island and the Solomon Islands.

As hard as It can be to be away from home and in a very different environment it’s always a little hard to say goodbye. Thank you Pastor Isaac and Pastor Silvester.

The saints in Buka salute you all and sent their greetings.

Pastor David Manley

Camp meeting

One of the 3 people baptised at camp


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