Camp Canada

Camp Canada

Greetings from Camp Canada

This camp was a success on all levels. We had visitors from the U.S. and Australia which helped bump the numbers of those fellowshipping to 40 plus.


Fellowship was the background theme this year. Lots of sitting around, eating and talking, prayer and reading – much the same as other years. Oh yes, we had our annual golf tournament which was full of excitement and sorrow as usual.

PD didn't win the pink golf ball, he came 2nd last
Pastor Darcy didn’t win the pink golf ball, he came second last


Some of the fellowship partook in kayaking on the ocean…thankfully no tragedies occurred. Aside from the 30 lb. halibut(fish), and salmon, beef ribs on the barb. We had lots feeding on the Word by the various inspiring talks and presentation by Pastor Darcy. Most importantly there were four people baptized and filled with the Spirit – three from one family. Others were prayed for and encouraged to seek for the Spirit – please keep them in your prayers.

We are very grateful to those who made the effort to come to our camp this year and look forward to those who will be able to visit us on their travels next July.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Pastor Paul and fellowship

Master Chef eat your heart out
Master Chef eat your heart out


The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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