Challenging times in PNG

Hope spells for Real life, real friends and real faith. 

By Desmond Narongou.

It was a challenging times for all industries amidst the COVID-19 pandemic world-wide. In PNG, church activities were severely affected with reference to social distancing and limited gatherings for the past five months imposed by the government in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. 

As we are moving towards the end of the year with all restrictions being eased thus giving enough and more flexibility to the churches to resurrect their activities and programs for the year. Some had to restructure all their annual programs and events to suit these conditions. 

The Revival Centres Church is also affected with our centres world-wide resorting to hosting all our events virtually- thanks to the technological advancements in video conferencing, mobile technologies, YouTube, Facebook, Cloud computing among others which connected us all throughout.

Our church in PNG is growing with a resurgence in our programs and activities: a time for reunion, more fellowship, breaking of bread, more smiles and above all more baptisms in all our centres across (Acts 2:42).

Getting the meeting started

The Port Moresby Assembly had its first ever combine fellowship since after the two lockdowns and  SOE on Sunday (4th October 2020) at ATS suburb outside Port Moresby (Maybe you are wondering what exactly does that acronym means? Air Transport Squadron).

It was a joyous moment of great fellowship with sports, delicious delicacies prepared by our mothers- the best chefs whom I had a privilege to have learnt some cooking skills from. Talks were centred on recognising your salvation as a necessary step towards becoming God’s rightful heirs with the need for repentance, baptism and the infilling of the Holy Ghost with the surest evidence of speaking in another tongue (Acts 2:38, John 3:3, John 4). 

It was a forward journey and no looking back as we journey towards a brighter future, with challenging and exciting moments to be encountered and enjoyed (Genesis 19). 


And oh wait, did I mention we had one soul saved last Sunday? 

Are you curious to know this experience? 


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God Bless. 

PC: Sr Shanel Maim.


There are Revival Centres in many parts of the world - some in third-world countries. Stories here target visits to our "Missions". All of our missions are completely run by locals, with occasional visits from people from other parts of the world.

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