Cool Christmas at Coolum Beach

The Coolum Christmas Camp held in South East Queensland, Australia and was a load of fun for all that attended. Aside from the perfect weather, and beautiful beach conditions, the ongoing fellowship put smiles on everyone’s faces, and created great memories. We all enjoyed the fun filled meetings, items which provided both entertainment and great spiritual content. The relaxing camp ran for a week, with an “extended extra fellowship week” for those who hung around.

The night entertainment items included several songs, skits and even the kids jumped up to show case their talent. The large air-conditioned hall set amongst an open park, and only a short walk to the shops and beach made the setting all the more enjoyable. The New Years Eve theme was the “70s” so we all stepped back in time to enjoy those fashions that should be forgotten. The night was broken up with supper and fireworks on the beach. A night to remember.

We had opportunity to go outreaching with sand modelling on the beach and general street witnessing. The Lord has certainly blessed us all, so we are more than happy to share it with others. We are all looking forward to our next gathering, and certainly Coolum Christmas 2020.


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