Euro Youngies Camp 2015

Euro Youngies Camp 2015

Imagine alfresco dining eating croissants, coffee and freshly squeezed blood orange juice, while overlooking the ancient city of Verona. That’s how we ate our breakfast at the first Euro Youngies camp. We spent the Easter weekend 3-5 April, 2015 camping surrounded by nature on the grounds of an ancient castle, Castel San Pietro. We were all optimistic about the weather but it was chilly and were huddled under blankets, jackets and hats trying to keep warm. Thanks to the Platzer’s we had some extra bedding expressed delivered by Michael to make us all a little warmer at night. Everyone remained positive and filled our time with meetings, fellowship, pizza, pasta and not to forget gelato. It was great to see the saints from London, Norwich and Italy all enjoying each other’s company.

fun chairs verona, small



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