European Young Peoples Camp

Sunny skies, delicious Italian food and great fellowship – what more could you want out of a youngies camp? Our third European YP Camp this year took us to the beautiful Lake Garda, about two hours from Milan. About 30 young(ish) people from the UK, Italy, Australia and NZ all gathered in Malcesine, a small village on the picturesque, to enjoy the last weekend of April together and rejoice in the Lord.

With the weather on our side, our first day saw the group take a cable car to Monte Baldo, with the peak giving us a breathtaking view over the entire lake. In the evening, Pastor Rob gave a short talk about Peter stepping out of the boat and gave us some “homework” to think about our boat from which we want to step out. Was there a challenge we still hadn’t faced in our walk? Was there something holding us back from giving God our 100 per cent? With those thoughts, and some fantastic fellowship, our camp moved into its second day.

On Sunday morning a ferry took us to the small town Limone, which is on the opposite side of the Lake. Known for its lemons, we made the most of trying to local produce and wandering around the streets. The highlight of the camp was the meeting in the afternoon in the beautiful old library at the “Palazzo dei Capitani” back in Malcesine, where we rejoiced in the Lord and praised him for the amazing time we spent together.

Topping off the camp, we sat by the water and ate our way through mountains of pasta. Finishing the night off, we had a night of songs and stories about the Lord. With everyone topped up and excited about God’s word, we all said our goodbyes, heading back to study and work. Luckily, we know the next Italian camp is just around the corner!


The Crew

Our band

At Monte Baldo

During the meeting

Sharing Testimonies

Monte Baldo


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