Latest from Aitape – Papua New Guinea

Latest from Aitape - Papua New Guinea

Zonal Activity for 2023

(a) Planning for Zonal Ningian Christmas Camp at the end of 2023.

(b) Outreaches at central areas of each district

(c) Our two Permanent Halls, one at Poro settlement and one at Wom Village were complete and will be very soon having a mini-camp out, and I will ask my neighbouring Zone Pastors to come as the guest of honour to open my assembly halls.

(d) Our three districts had church outreaches every end of the month,


The planning of the church training course has been delayed due to my financial constraints to complete the dormitory, which is why I did not host the training.

Pastor Pascal Riemau

Aitape Zone Pastor


The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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