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Sissano Lagoon Zone held our Mini Christmas camp at Leitre. The Christmas camp started on Monday, 26 and finished on December 31 2022.

The central theme of 0ur Christmas camp was  LIFE EVER-AFTER. 

Two of my District in Sissano Zone (The Centre and Western District) combined and participated in every programme throughout our one-week Christmas Camp. It was a happy, enjoyable and successful time for my Spirit fill brothers, sisters and unsaved folk.   

Starting from Sunday schools, the youth and the parents also took part. Our Christmas camp involves Bible Quizzes, Bible Preaching, Drama, Puppet shows, items, life testimony, etc. About 50 unsaved people were also present at our camp, with 25 being baptised.

And we also Praise the Lord for doing wonderful miraculous healings in this village. A blind woman aged 60 years old received her sight and now can see, three paralysed women now can walk, a girl aged 12 years who also was paralysed for three years and after a few hours of prayers, she stood up and started walking again. (Her mum was one of the 25 baptised)


With what our Lord has done to this unsaved community of Leitre village. The L.L.G Member of this village grabbed the microphone from my hand and publicly announced and asked RCC Sissano Zone to have another outreach on March Easter camp this year, 2023. This time l will have to invite other interested zones to come and witness the Lord’s work if they are interested.

And thank you very much to you, Pastor Darcy Ryan as our mission coordinator, Simon Longfield as our Principal  Pastor and other pastors and spirit-fill Saint in Australia for your great support towards the Lord’s work here in Sissano over the different zones in Papua New Guinea.

And once again, thank you worldwide in RCI/RCC for your prayers and support.

Pastor Vincent Mainik

Sissano Zone PNG


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