Malawi Adventure 2014 – Day 2

Our day commenced with morning prayer followed by a hearty breakfast – feeding the spiritual man is just as important as the natural man!

We attended the Sunday Communion meeting at Chirimba where again we were entertained some very talented people from the church. The Sunday School performed a song much to the delight of those watching. The church choir took to the stage and did several songs followed by 18 baptisms. Photos will follow soon (a minor technical glitch).

After the baptisms it was time for presentations of the donated bicycles. Four bicycles were presented to pastors from near and far as recognition for their diligence in preaching the gospel. Their respective churches have grown as a result of their determination to bring folks along and in some cases this can be dangerous!

Many bibles written in the local language have also been donated by folks back in Australia and it goes without saying that these are very well received by the churches here in Malawi.

After a brief stopover at our hotel we then headed off to the Lunzu meeting. We were given a very warm welcome and again entertained by the church Sunday School group, the choir and two other singing groups.

Graham Downs gave a very rousing talk which was translated in Chichewa (the local language). The folks here are extremely confident when it comes to preaching the gospel to all and sundry. Quite the example to us folks from Australia!

Several bibles were presented to the Lunzu assemble along with two Sunday School  books and 5 chorus books. This  may not sound like much but in a country where the cost of one bible can equal a week’s wages it is not hard to get this into perspective.

Again, my apologies for not being able to provide you all with photos just yet however I assure you that tomorrow (Day 3) will have this all sorted.

From all of us to our loved ones back home sweet dreams and stay safe. God bless.


There are Revival Centres in many parts of the world - some in third-world countries. Stories here target visits to our "Missions". All of our missions are completely run by locals, with occasional visits from people from other parts of the world.

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