Malawi Adventure 2014 – Day 7

Day 7 and we will visit the Chimbiya (Dedza) meeting. Our day always commences with a morning devotional session of prayer and sharing of any highlights from the trip thus far.

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Michael Lagreca has been ‘leading from the front’ with his enthusiasm for sharing the gospel with all who will hear him.

So far we have had a baptism in Michael’s room – one of the chefs from the Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre as well as a security guard and a gardener from our accommodation here all having received the Holy Spirit with the bible evidence of speaking in other tongues!

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After breakfast we headed off to Dedza for another full day of fellowship with our Malawian brothers and sisters. We arrive to a now familiar scene of happy faces and the sound of chorus singing. It still humbles each and every one of us that these folks will sometimes walk for hours just to see their Zungu (white) brother and sisters from Australia.

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We shared our testimonies and then heard their testimonies. The meetings are vibrant and dynamic with little room for ‘beg pardons’. During the prayer line if someone requires prayer for a healing need or wants to receive the Holy Spirit they are told must come out to the front for the officers of the church to pray for them.

Twelve people received the Holy Spirit and after the meeting there were 18 baptisms down by the river some 1.5km away.

The ladies in our delegation were fortunate enough to see all of the baptisms while the men stayed behind for a pastors and elders conference.

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The opportunity to listen and learn how the Malawian oversight interact with John and Gilbert Nayna is particularly encouraging.

Their genuine respect and acknowledgement of each other as workers together in this great work is humbling to see.

At the conclusion of the pastors and elders conference we head outside for more presentations of bibles, chorus books, Sunday school magazines and bicycles.

It is this type of practical assistance that is providing the church here in Malawi with the necessary tools to assist them to cope with the increase that God is providing to His church.

Another amazing day has concluded and we head ‘home’ to our usual fellowship dinner and discussion of the day’s events.

From all of us here in Malawi, good night and God bless.

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