Malawi Famine Relief

Malawi Famine Relief
Dear Pastor Victor, (cc’d via email)
I write to thank you and all brothers and sisters for the assistance to buy food. All your brothers and sisters are very much thankful for they have been saved from jaws of  hunger.
We managed to take pictures of food distribution in Malawi and Mozambique. Find the attached the pictures. . Once again I want to repeat that the problem is big and if possible we ask you if you can see us through the rest of the hunger season and Once again thank you very much.
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Pastor Simon Longfield is the principal pastor of the Revival Centres. His father, Lloyd Longfield started the church in the 1950's. Pastor Simon is based in Melbourne, and has undertaken missionary work in Africa, Papua New Guinea, India, Arnhem Land (Australia) and other places. He is married with three (adult) children.

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