Malawi Floods

Malawi Floods

    Jan 16, 2015 – At least 176 people have died in flash floods in Malawi and 110,000 people are displaced, with the death toll feared to rise further, authorities …

    Pastor Nelson Mbewe has reported to us that many villages have been destroyed by flood waters just south of Blantyre and to the Blantyre – Mozambique border. See link above to an ABC report. Latest reports say 200 dead and 174,000 displaced.

    Requests for emergency assistance for funding of rescue aid and food were dispatched within hours of the requests being made. We don’t know at this point what more may be needed in the future. Please keep the work in your prayers. (Please see you local Pastor if you would like to donate to this Flood appeal).

    Pastor Nelson’s email and photos.

    We have always reported about what has been transpiring and we are thankful for your positive responses.

    We don’t take it for granted when we receive help from you. We are more than thankful to you all for what you are doing here, buying food for our brothers and sisters who are dying of hunger.

    Malawi and Mozambique have always experienced annual dry spells and floods, but this year the flooding has been worse.  Hundreds of people have been washed away. Thousands of people are desperate and homeless. Crops have been washed away.

    In our churches we have lost 16 people – 7 in Mozambique and 9 in Malawi.

    Right now we are distributing food items to some of the victims in our affected churches. if possible, please continue to help our brothers and sisters and remember them in prayers

    Again we thank you for your prayers and donations for the flood victims.

    May God bless,


    Heavy Destruction

    Heavy Destruction


    Preparing relief aid

    Preparing relief aid

    Relief aid

    Relief aid


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  1. Cooper Gallimah : March 20, 2015 at 12:24 am

    What a terrible experience,we are in prayers with the saints there in Malawi trusting God for speedy change regarding this situation.Fraternal greetings to all of our Brothers and Sisters but particularly Pst Nelson,Pst Bikiel and the rest of the Pastors.
    Pastor Cooper Gallimah.
    West Africa.

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