Melbourne Youngies ‘23 Launch Camp

Let brotherly love continue (Hebrews 13:1). The anthem of Revival Centres youngies. Perhaps at times, a phrase we throw around but take for granted. Praise God the launch camp was not one of those times.

2023 Launch camp (Jan 25th-29th) was full of opportunities to meet the other youngies in this wide-spanning church, to have time away from the world and see the promising young people who love God; the cooks, the musicians, the leaders, the talk-givers, etc. From what I experienced and saw, everyone came away from camp with at least one new friend, and that’s just how it should be. The Lord’s family is big, and we are a part of that. There’s no room for not taking the chance to meet a new brother or sister in the Lord.

As many of you reading would know, the theme for this camp was Old Testament Legends! A topic that proved broad and fascinating. There were 12 speakers in total, and between them all the power of God always shone through. The recurring connection between it all were the ‘legends’, who although not being Spirit-filled, still led truly difficult lives pursuing a relationship with God all the harder, and in every case, He came through in miraculous ways.

There were tales of lamentation to God and repentance, utter trust in Him, examples of the majesty of God’s power, His eagerness to come to the rescue of those that dwell on Him and much, much more. Most of me leaps to say the ministry from the youth is on fire and from the right place. But a cautious voice implores, ‘…let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not’ (Galatians 6:9). Keep up the good work team!

With all that said, what did we get up to besides worshipping God? As half the camp rolled in late Wednesday evening, not much. But the energy was one of preparation and anticipation. Thursday was my personal fave, with the Beach Day! Swimming on a hot day, running, team games, and a lack of sunscreen for some people.

On Friday we had a stellar sports day; netball and football games went pretty hard. I even got this close to kicking a goal!

Saturday, the plan changed about 10 times… and all fingers point to the disruptive cyclists for that one. Some race or something went on, I couldn’t hear properly as the injustice of not having a beach day filled my head. But never fear, in the early hours of Saturday, the leaders got together and hatched a plan… WATER FIGHT! Suffice to say, people liked that.

Now after all was said and done, the final 24 hrs was a rewarding wrap-up to camp. Morals talk, cleaning, and hug-filled farewells. But it won’t be long before we’re praising the Lord together again, either at another camp, a meeting, or in the air.

– Angus


Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.


  1. i am a member of RCI here in port moresby southern zone hohola house meeting by the name martin would like to sent greetings in all the church members of melbourne main centres,as well as the visitting saint here in port moresby pastor Joel is with us and we are enjoying fellowship togerther,thankyou and god bless you and guide you all.

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