Melbourne Youngies Amazing Race

On a sunny Saturday afternoon the leftover youngies who didn’t head to YR camp as responsible adult leaders gathered at Box Hill for the annual Amazing Race. We divided ourselves into 5 teams using strategy to increase the odds of winning i.e. joining up with a person who drives a fast car, has a lot of points on their licence, willing to cheat and solid knowledge of greater Melbourne. Shorty, creator of the great event, gave us a rundown of the race rules, namely: obey all road rules and no hooning! Drat. There goes that game plan. We began with a quick push and shove to get to the first clue and were instructed to head into the car park to shoot ourselves a balloon Robin Hood style. Andrew Pattie was the first to hit home and soon we were off to Waverley Park to pose on the grandstand.


Three teams were neck and neck: Frank, the Watson clan and team Tomo. Shorty sent through dropped pins via the iPhone and we headed towards the Dandenong Police paddocks to find the three clues dropped at these locations. The genius of modern technology failed some teams at this point and some (mainly my team) resorted to scouting 50m circles around the supposed dropped pin to find the clues!

After some hard running, much circling the clues were finally put together and we were off for a swim at Lyndhurst Lake. A quick swim to retrieve the next clue and we were off again to Anaconda to climb a rock wall. Joel Murray, Jadon McShane, Hannah Webb and Andrew Pattie all scaled the wall with ease while team Frank were long gone. Our next destination was Shorty and Cat’s new house where our clue was “hidden” in the garage. Remembering to read the clue carefully was the lesson of the day, as one team made a crucial error with the directions and they sailed right on past the housing estate allowing team Tomo to gain some valuable time!



The next destination was a local park, with the clues underneath the play equipment instructing us to head to a local park and pickup snacks along the way. Team Frank was the first to arrive winning the race, not before hiding their car so that team Watson were fooled into thinking they were indeed champions. But alas, it was not to be and their jubilation was destroyed by team Frank jumping joyously out of the bushes to announce their victory. As the teams made their way to the finish line we all enjoyed a BBQ and a kick of the footy in the remaining sunshine.

Thanks Shorty for organising the race and thanks to everyone who participated!


Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.

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