Melbourne Youngies Break-Up Camp

Melbourne Youngies Break-Up Camp

A sunny weekend away was the perfect way to farewell 2016: a year of unexpected turns, good times and bad and a fun and fulfilling time for our Youngies.

We set out on Friday night and pitched our tents just a short walk from one of mainland Australia’s southernmost beaches in the Wilson’s Promontory National Park. The weather was exceptionally generous over the weekend providing eerily perfect, cloudless skies and a shining sun that reminded us to slip, slop, slap! Of course that didn’t stop the water from being icy cold but many braved it anyway, heedlessly bounding in to the salty lashings of arctic temperatures.

During the day we swam, hiked and baked in the sun and we spent our nights gathered around the camp-lantern (fires are not allowed in the national park) sharing scary stories, meeting the local wombats and reflecting on the year that was. Our communion meeting on Sunday morning, (after a breakfast of copious amounts of barbecued bacon), reminded us to keep ourselves topped up over the break, to get ourselves close to God when we’re feeling low and to remember that if we keep God at the forefront, all the rest will fall in to place.

It was only a small group of youngies at the break up camp, but we remained optimistic for 2017 and another year of building each other up and trying new things. We’re looking forward to kicking it off with the youngies rally in January, welcoming interstate and overseas travellers to fellowship and share our common faith.

A big thank you to Axel and Alex for their work running Youngies this year. It wouldn’t come together without their tireless efforts, constant brainstorming, lifts, painting, organising, supper-buying and dressing up in the most ridiculous outfits. We thank you and look forward to see what you can come up with in the new year.


Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.

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