Melbourne Youngies Gladiator Night

So the return of the much anticipated gladiator night was the Melbourne Youngies event this time around! Not since the Old School Sports Night had we seen so much carpet burn, resulting from the true dedication of Vision & Sorted battling out for the many team points on offer.

Whiplash, The duel, the infamous Sock Wresting and an extreme variation of European handball were the challenges set before us.  Although the duel battering clubs were nearly destroyed in the warm up by some over enthusiastic fans, some quick repairs were made and we continued!  Guys and Girls took it in turns, in sometimes epic battles of courage, balance and pure ferocity; however others were over in a flash.

What is sock wrestling you may ask? Well, it’s a skill filled challenge, added to by a fist full of controlled (or mostly uncontrolled) mayhem with the goal of ripping the other person’s sock off by any means possible! Sounds crazy, but apparently a whole lot of fun!

The Duel and Whip lash challenges were thankfully split up into weight divisions, sparing any unwarranted accidents. Two challengers stepped up at a time to face off for team glory. There were many thrills and spills, with the sound of the crowd urging their favourites on.

What a great time of fellowship and team work, confirming there’s no better place to be on a Saturday night than spending it with your mates at Youngies!




Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.

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