Melbourne Youngies – Happy Smile Super Challenge Family Wish Show

Melbourne Youngies - Happy Smile Super Challenge Family Wish Show

The Japanese are leading the globe in technology, fast trains, and politeness. In an effort to please our ‘future world leaders’, we sought to practice their traditions. Namely, their game shows! Henceforth, the Melbourne Youngies gathered Saturday night to take part in the Happy Smile Super Challenge Family Wish Show. The night was kicked off with a balloon fight of sorts. Everyone has a balloon. The last balloon intact, wins! A certain Alex Pal must be derived from Samurai, because he enjoyed this one a little too much. Grinning and stabbing the balloons, he frightened us all.

Then, a favourite of the night, in which participants wore a giant rubber band of sorts, harnessed to a pole behind them. Wearing their giant, rubbery moustaches, they ran forward, seeking to devour a marshmallow of sorts, hanging from a string. What a riot! The night naturally flowed into a gross eating contest of sorts, of the Japanese variety. Dishes included egg flavoured fish sticks, crab flavoured peas, carrot flavoured jelly. Top it off with a food plated game of twister. A great night of fun fellowship was had by all. Thanks to those who organised to event and the good sports that participated!

Tasting some of the Japanese foods

Marshmallow game is harder than it looks

Some of the onlookers, during the games

Japanese drinks have a different taste…


Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.

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