Melbourne Youngies Launch Camp

Melbourne Youngies Launch Camp


What a fantastic start to the year! Over the Australia Day weekend, young people from across the state met at Freshwater Creek to kick-off the year with the Youngies Launch. We sang songs, ate delicious food, threw delicious food at one another, refreshed ourselves spiritually and energized one another for a fantastic 2015 amongst the youth of the Church.

Over the course of the weekend, young people enjoyed a day of friendly competition at Bancoora beach. The waves were rough and the dunes were steep but spirits were undeterred throughout the throwing competition, the ‘deepest hole in the sand’ competition and the old favourite, the ‘tug o’ war’. Saturday night sobered the mood of camp with the annual ‘Morals Talk’, an integral addition to the doctrinal core of Young Peoples and we were all encouraged to look after one another in the sanctuary of the Church in the coming year. On Sunday we enjoyed the Communion meeting, a delicious souvlaki lunch and a high energy, maddened food and water fight. We later enjoyed a evening meeting sharing our testimonies followed by some glow in the dark soccer.

The camp signaled the beginning of a new year for Young Peoples with new teams and new captains. IGNITE and POWER. This year Youngies will be led by Axel Vanderstadt and Brisbane’s finest export, Alex Pal, filling the role of Joel Hulme to whom we extend many thanks for the past few years. The new captains and their teams are all looking forward to a year of enthusiastic, fierce yet friendly, competition, growth and encouragement.

A big thank you can be extended to all those who contributed to the camp: those who prepared meals, ran meetings, played in the band, led choruses and a special thank you to the young people who shared a talk from the Bible over the camp. We were all encouraged and uplifted, reminded by our righteousness, the importance of self-examination and the miracle and blessing of what we are all apart of.

If the launch camp is any indication, we have a fantastic year ahead to look forward to. Young People are leading the way to encourage the Church, building upon the foundation of the word, all the while maintaining a strong sense of enthusiastic participation and fun.

A hearty lunch enjoyed by all

Preaching the word

The team of POWER pulling their weight

A packed pavilion enjoying the choruses

Jack getting himself in ‘deep’ trouble

Servin’ up the Salad



Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.

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