Melbourne Youngies Snow Day

A Winter Wonder land was the destination for the Melbourne, Geelong and Morwellian Youngies this week!  Due to unforseen severe weather conditions (that is NO SNOW!!) at Lake Mountain, we congregated at Lilydale Macca’s for some quick Hot cakes and Hash browns before heading up to Mt Baw Baw for an action packed day.   Like a song sung once before, the road was somewhat rough and greatly steep as a convoy of 10 cars made their way up the mountain.  Well actually 9, as one particular car somehow failed to see several of the “last stop for fuel” signs, oh dear!! It’s alright folks; they did make it in time for lunch!


After a quick stop at the hire shop, tobogganing and snow fights were the name of the game, mixed in with some snow man making (some more successful than others).  In a bonus turn of events, unbeknownst to us all it just so happened to be Mt Baw Baw’s annual Retro day!! This worked surprisingly well with many of us who pulled out some brightly coloured one pieces and crazy pants for the occasion.  Some even won a free lift pass and a $50 drink voucher, but alas turns out this was not valid with hot beverages, so soft drinks all round!

The main tobogganing run was a little crowded, so many found alternate ways to fill in their time.. who’s up for a SNOW BALL FIGGGGGHTTTT!!!!! You don’t get many chances to attack your mates in the spirit of fun competition and didn’t we all make the most of it!  Snowballs were thrown this way and that, only ceasing for the occasional passer-by who accidentally stumbled across the field of play.


A special mention once again goes to Clive for allowing the use of his portable webber BBQ!! It was well utilized with 100 snags been devoured for lunch despite someone forgetting to bring any cooking utensils! Who knew pop sticks could be used for tongs, genius idea… just watch those fingers hehe

After lunch the snow fights recommenced at the top of the mountain, battle lines were drawn and there were no prisoners.  Believe me, close combat combined with cold hard snowballs equates to some significant bruises and sore muscles the next day.  Especially snowballs combined with some impromptu snow wrestling for those who were keen, aka human tobogganing!

Fun times were had by all and I know I am already counting down till we do it again, see u there 🙂




Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.

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  1. What a great day! Very convenient retro day was the icing on the cake. The convoy was good fun too. All up it was a fantastic day of fellowship!

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