Milliom Christmas Camp – Lumi Zone, PNG

Milliom Christmas Camp – Lumi Zone, PNG


This is the fifth Annual Christmas Camp conducted within the Northern Zone. The highlight of this camp was great involving all young youths taking up the stage, preaching, leading the Camp with salvation messages, supplying and thrilling the camp with great songs, testimonies, items and drama. In the camp of about 800 – 900 Spirit-filled people and many observers.

It was a real experience seeing the people getting baptised, receiving Holy Spirit and they spoke in tongues. In this three days camp so far had total of fifty (50) people being baptised. We had also had an outreach conducted with two new halls opening before the camp was opened on the 19th December. The camp will end tomorrow (24th December) and believed to have few more baptisms. We wish to extend our Christmas greetings to other saints through out the RCI church members world. Praise the Lord for the great blessings.

May the Lord’s blessings strengthen and uphold his people always. Amen.

Pastor Urban Torowi

Papua New Guinea

Camp opens

Some of the 50 baptisms



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  1. Milliom Christmas camp in Lumi was gorgeous with over 50 baptisms.
    After participating was filled with awesome experience.
    Praise God…

    • Ldr Eric Albert Werwei : September 7, 2017 at 5:34 pm

      Amen,I was there with my sister and I witnessed our son, Brother Joseph Werwei Junior baptised by Assistant Pastor Luke Kiwen of RCI Raihu Centre, Aitape Zone who instantly received the Holy Spirit by speaking fluent tongues (1 Corinth 14:2, Mark 16:17). The Christmas Camp blessed with youths from all Zones taking stage in turns to withness the Word of God…It was great blessing for all…God Bless, Leader Eric Albert Werwei, Raihu Centre, Aitape Zone.

  2. James Corliss : June 21, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    Woohoo so exciting To hear!

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