28th Sep – 01st Oct 2012

Well what a weekend we had! Everything went very well and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. This is certainly the feedback that I received from a large number of people.

The grand ballroom of the Novotel Manly Pacific Hotel as a venue was beautiful as we gazed out over the ocean and the general location of Manly beach was second to none. The weather and the accompanying Jazz festival only went to heighten the good time that we all had together.

As a theme, ‘God Answers’ is also one in which a significant amount of encouragement was gained. We had numerous testimonies throughout the weekend which highlighted how God has promised to answer the needs of His people as they walk in Faith. We can relax and rest in that promise. We also had talks and thoughts that reminded us that we were answered when we received the gift of the Holy Spirit and that God now uses us to answer others that are seeking for Him as we continue to, among other things, preach the Gospel and lay hands on the sick.

Both our Friday night ‘coffee and music’ get together and our Monday afternoon luncheon were very well attended and provided a great opportunity for the Saints to relax and just chat…which when we get the opportunity, we do very well!

There were a large number of Sydney Saints who were involved in the organisation and performing of duties both before and during the rally weekend. This was encouraged from early in the planning process and the vast majority of Sydney was able to be involved in some way. I’m sure they enjoy the blessing of giving as a result.

Our thanks go to all of those from other assemblies that took the time, energy and money to attend this rally. To me what makes a great event is when we all get together in the unity of the Spirit like we did this weekend. Obviously the greatest of events will be when we do that in the air!

Its hard to believe that it was four years ago since our last rally and Im sure it will feel that way in four years to come should the Lord tarry.

Anyway in relation to Manly…I couldn’t be happier with the way the rally turned out and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of RCI and particularly the Sydney assembly.

Please go to the Sydney RCI website www.rci.org.au/sydney to see photos of the rally.

God bless

P Craig Bowen.


The Sydney Revival Centre has been around since the 1960s. A vibrant group of folks always ready to share a testimony.

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