NSW Youth Camps … 2018

NSW Youth Camps ... 2018

This year’s NSW Youth Camp was held at Camp Elim, just south of Forster. As well as RCI youth from NSW assemblies, there were also visitors from Queensland and New Zealand.

The camp theme “be doers of the Word” highlighted the biblical direction to put what we hear into action.

Our program included daily prayer times, a morning rally, team meetings to organise the gala nights activities and craft times. Climbing the towers and the giant swing were popular.  The camp area echoed with the sounds of basketballs bouncing and hand ballers crying foul.

Blue skies prevailed for the whole of camp.  Meals times and suppers were a great time to catch up on testimonies and highlights of the day’s activities.

Thank you and well done to all…….


The Sydney Revival Centre has been around since the 1960s. A vibrant group of folks always ready to share a testimony.

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