NZ RALLY – Great vibes!

NZ RALLY - Great vibes!

We’ve just wrapped up the New Zealand Rally that was held at our centre in Hawkes Bay. Ministry, music, with wall to wall fellowship on tap. It was superb – inspiring!

The weekend included a lecture from Pastor Martin on the miracle of Speaking in Tongues – informative! Reports from Africa and PNG – engaging! Short talks, longer talks – inspiring and sometimes hilarious. Music from Stevie Row and Eddie Cole – stirring! 

Thank you New Zealand – fabulous weekend! Sorry about Aussie winning the rugby – not! 

As for our unity, and the vibe at the rally – it was off the charts! Simply magnificent! Our Church is in great shape!


Pastor Simon Longfield is the principal pastor of the Revival Centres. His father, Lloyd Longfield started the church in the 1950's. Pastor Simon is based in Melbourne, and has undertaken missionary work in Africa, Papua New Guinea, India, Arnhem Land (Australia) and other places. He is married with three (adult) children.

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