Outreaching in Chirimba, Blantyre

Outreaching in Chirimba, Blantyre

Pastor Nelson Mbewe and his team have just had a successful outreach – a number of souls saved. Note the “full on” preaching of Pastor Erica – he’s normally such a quiet man!?


Pastor Simon Longfield is the principal pastor of the Revival Centres. His father, Lloyd Longfield started the church in the 1950's. Pastor Simon is based in Melbourne, and has undertaken missionary work in Africa, Papua New Guinea, India, Arnhem Land (Australia) and other places. He is married with three (adult) children.

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  1. Excellent stuff! Most encouraging to see the work in a constant state of progression over there. Those guys certainly know their callings and are constantly being great examples unto us all.
    2 Thess 2:15
    Heb. 4:14

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