Papiri – Southern Highland PNG

Hello, Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus be with us always as we look for to the new prosperous 2022 approaching for the church of God in Jiwaka to plan ahead and carry on with the Ministry the Lord has given to continue preaching the truth with signs, wonders and miracle following.
December 2021 ended with WH- Jiwaka Zones had their combined Christmas Camp at -Papiri -Southern end of Southern Highlands. The theme for the camp was Giving in form of Tithings and Offerings (PROVERBS 3;9-10, MALACHI 3:8-10, LUKE 6:36-40)
Pastors preached strongly emphasized on the church to work very hard, earn from their toils and hardship, and tie to God the 10th of all the land produces as well as wages or salary. This was the first approach for the church in the Highlands to host this topic apart from Basic salvation. We intended to draw people to understand as spirit-filled to earn blessing both spiritual and physical by honouring their wealth fully to the Lord as they sacrifice to worship in spirit and in truth.
The canter was newly established and built from Kunai grass or bush materials. The camp had 350 attendants. After preaching the theme we were able to collect K8 000-00 in form of cash and cheque which was diverted to build the new permanent hall.
We also had 4 baptisms which were a great harvest for the church in Jiwaka and Western Highlands Zones. The Xmas camp was very enjoyable for everyone who attended. The closing session had a big mumu as normally as it had been for the custom of Highland with killing 7 pigs. We feasted with big kaikai and were sent off with satisfaction and the next camp is to be hosted in 2022 by Jiwaka Zone.
 Regards in Jesus’ name and a happy prosperous new year 2022 to all believers and one in Spirit.

Pastor Simon Wahl
Jiwaka Zone.


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