Papua New Guinea – Lumi Conference

What a week!

321 Pastors was the final number that attended our Pastor’s conference in Milliom, deep in the Torricelli Mountains in PNG. We sang, prayed, explored, presented, discussed, laughed, enjoyed, explained, played, consulted, even rock and rolled!

To say how I feel standing at the helm of such resolve; such energy; such enthusiasm – there are no words! Some Pastor’s came and said afterwards that they felt like they had just received the Holy Spirit again – and that they felt reinvigorated – and that a new Church had been born! Some cried with joy as they hugged me and wouldn’t let go! Yep they did!

The focus was on the Revival through our initial infilling of the Holy Spirit and the Revival within us as we embrace God’s love! We explored the need for Church leaders to love those who have been purchased by His blood. And believe me it led to countless pin-drop moments. I must table a new phrase about how I feel – extreme blessing! Wow!

Let me just say – thank you to Pastors David Manley, Graeme McKinstry, Justin Kells – superb and engaging, invaluable contributions. As for Pastor Darcy Ryan, who has made the sometimes treacherous journeys into PNG over many years – what an extraordinary commitment! Many that read this don’t know just how hard it can be living way outside your comfort zone – this place is tough, but the payout of blessing is priceless! It even took me to cerebral malaria twice – and even that still doesn’t rate compared to what I’ve seen here this week and over many years! Joy compounded by joy!

The books of Acts is still being written!

( by Pastor Simon)

On Board MAF flight to Lumi

Island off Wom Beach Wewak

Item by Dave Manley

Team Building (Very Funny)

It’s time to say goodbye

 Farewell item


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  1. What a wonderful time…
    I know what you mean by the times of the Acts still happening….Very exciting. PTL

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