Perth Test News Story


This is an example news story for Perth.

The ‘feature image’ shows here in the post, as a thumbnail on the main page of the whole site (with a link to the story), and in the News section of the whole site (with a link to the whole story).

(It’s not showing on the front page of the whole site at the moment because I set the date to way in the past, so that this test post wouldn’t clutter our main page).

You can add another picture in any spot in the story.

Like this one:

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”11856″]

  Although a full width picture looks better…

You can start creating a real news story now. Just keep it as draft until you are ready to publish.

When you publish it immediately appears in all the places noted above.




This is the blurb about the Perth assembly. Also need to attach a picture of Perth to this "user" (the city itself, not a person; perhaps).

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