PNG – Homeward Bound

The Papua New Guinea Youth Rally has finished, and the group have arrived back in Port Moresby for their flights back to Australia and New Zealand.

After the rally, they visited Wom Beach (It’s famous in Wewak) and then down to the mighty Sepik river. Their final two days have been in Yatsing and Oasis across the Markum River outside of Lae.

The Yatsing Assembly was celebrating 25 years, so this was an excellent conclusion for the group to be part of Yatsing’s silver jubilee.

14 baptisms in Yatsing bringing the total for the trip to 95.

The children of Yatsing

Who made Rob the flag bearer?

Thumbs up

Friendships made forever

Sports day in Yatsing

Prayer for those being baptised

14 baptisms

They climbed it because it was there.

Crazy – but fun


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