PNG – still the land of the unexpected

PNG - still the land of the unexpected

It is an amazing country from mountains to the sea. The landscape changes with every kilometer travelled, whereas the assemblies’ saints do not. You are greeted with joy and happiness from the brothers and sisters as if you are long-lost friends who have not been seen for ages.

The fellowship in every Centre is one of bright singing, amazing testimonies to the saving power of the Lord and completing the meetings with inspiring ministry.

This trip was a working trip as opposed to an evangelical one, like a rally or convention. Dealing with their day-to-day and future expansions, requires careful thought. New Centres are opening up all the time throughout PNG as well as new halls being built, on top of new halls being built to replace old halls.

Papua New Guineans. Life is always busy in providing for their family – which can be considerably large in some places – and running the fellowship. Obtaining enough food, water and electricity (things that we tend to take for granted) involves planting and harvesting their own crops, carrying water from the river and using generators to produce power. For those that cannot afford fuel for the generator then it may just be a bush stove – rock and wood – to cook on.

The dry, cold, weather conditions are expected to continue throughout this year’s El Niño event in the Highlands with several shortages of water in many areas of Papua New Guinea.

Pastor David Manley from Palmerston North assembly, New Zealand, on his 10th  visit to the country, is always welcomed with joy. I don’t know if it’s his accent they like, I do know it’s not his sense of humour, so then it can only be his singing, testimony and ministry.

On this trip Pastor David and I got to see some great progress in assembly life.


After January’s turning of the soil for the start of their new hall the progress though slow is looking great. They plan to have their new hall finished for and opening by mid-2016

Wewak hall under construction
Wewak hall under construction


I met up with all the Amanab oversight including Pastor Esron, Pastor Bonnie (Lumi), Pastor Luke (Wulukum), Pastor Isaac (Drekikier) and Pastor Pascal (Aitape) who were in Vanimo to cover planning for 2016, a big year for Revival in PNG.

Welcome to Vanimo hall at Transmitter
Welcome to Vanimo hall at Transmitter

Vanimo Meeting
Vanimo Meeting


The Madang assembly was the host Centre for this year’s Youth National Rally held in July. Twenty-two Australians and one New Zealander travelled to PNG to attend. My visit was to learn the procedures they planned for this rally so that these can be passed on to the next assembly hosting the Youth Rally in 2019.

Pastor David also had to opportunity to open the new hall at Zizi.

Yatsing's drummers lead the way to ZiZi
Yatsing’s drummers lead the way to ZiZi


This visit was to confirm Pastor Misheck Bali as the new Zone Pastor for the Morobe Zone.

New Zone Pastor Pastor Misheck Bal
New Morobe Zone Pastor Misheck Bali

Oversight meeting
Oversight meeting


Revival comes to Bougainville where, at Buka, a new hall has been opened. This was our first visit to the islands of Bougainville and Pastor David made sure he was going to be the first person off the plane for Revival Centres to set foot on the island. I think he said something like: “One small step for man, one giant leap for a Kiwi”. I think Neil Armstrong just rolled over in his grave.

Silvester and Moses were appointed as Pastors for the work. A great job has been achieved in such a short space of time.

First time to Buka
First time to Buka

And you though our peak was hard, trying land on the main land in Buka
And you thought our peak hour was hard; trying landing on the mainland in Buka

Kokopau Hall
Kokopau Hall

New Britain

Kokopo (Rabaul) and Kimbe were our final destinations for the trip, where the work is in good hands with Pastors Jerry Gedi and Vincent Wai.

Greetings from Rabaul saints at airport
Greetings from Rabaul saints at airport

Kimbe saints
Kimbe saints

Port Moresby

Port Moresby main Hall
Port Moresby main hall

Possible new meeting hall land
Possible site  for their new meeting hall


This now completes Pastor Darcy Ryan’s 48th trip to Papua New Guinea.



There are Revival Centres in many parts of the world - some in third-world countries. Stories here target visits to our "Missions". All of our missions are completely run by locals, with occasional visits from people from other parts of the world.

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  1. Hi Yes its the land of the unexpected;but PNG Churches as we see
    expects the Lord to confirm his word with signs following
    Glad to see another fruitful trip.

  2. Sister Hoina Risan : December 2, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    Your trips always bring blessings and joy to the Spirit-filled brothers and sisters in Papua New Guinea. May the Good Lord continue to inspire you as you coach, encourage, support us as we work and wait for His soon Return.

    God Bless

  3. Pastor Gabriel Fito : December 5, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    Thanks pastor Darcy for the Wewak update, Area Pastor Selestine, leader Lukas and the brothers from Yawasoro assembly are putting the structure of the main roof for the new hall up today. We are working hard to get the building ready for the planned opening during your visit to Wewak, PNG next September.

    God Bless

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