Port Moresby – Wedding

There has been a slow start for the Port Moresby Assembly with not many events happening within the church since the beginning of 2019.
As we are slowing winding down 2019, couple of few exciting events happened. On 16th November 2019, all church members, families and friends gathered together at Ela Murray International School to witness a new chapter of life unfold for Br Johan Victor Lolo and Sr Fiona Yangin.

The Celebrant, Pastor Jonah Malu gladly orchestrated the flow of the wedding ceremony from the start to the end – about 40 minutes and then followed by entertainment (music & speeches), photoshoots, cake cutting, and signing of the marriage certificates, refreshment and the presentation of the gifts to the couple. It was a great time for reunion and celebration.

Br Johan hails from Morobe Province while Sr Fiona comes from East Sepik. They were a committed youngies in Port Moresby Assembly since their youths, and it’s a great blessing to have them tied the knots in the church. What a great example for all youngies to follow and it signifies the importance of our doctrine and that we had to be practical as a testament to people around us earnestly. It was also a first of its kind to have such a great wedding that involves all acceptable modes of marriage in the church- Cultural, Civil and Church marriages.

We wish Br Johan and Sr Fiona a great joy and abundant blessings throughout their marriage life.
reporting by Desmond Narongou (Port Moresby)

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