Pottsville NSW Christmas Camp

Just a remnant of saints are spending camp time at Pottsville this year: 10 in total, with others visiting for a few days and New Year’s Eve.

We’ve enjoyed ministry from four fellows to date and another evening meeting with all the guys bringing a short thought tonight, our last meeting in Pottsville. The sun, surf and sand have offered near perfect opportunities to enjoy this holiday ‘paradise’. With not enough folk for it to be worthwhile hiring the local hall, we have enjoyed each other’s hospitality in our rental units.

We had 19 folks at our communion meeting on Sunday, December 31st, a fantastic afternoon of fellowship, then to Coolangatta for the young, and ‘young at heart’, to enjoy the fireworks. Then there’s been a games night, golf, movies, fishing and visiting other towns nearby to occupy our time. We look forward to finding another venue to gather the saints together in this general area.


The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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