RCC Jiwaka Zone PNG

RCC Jiwaka Zone PNG

This is a regular quarterly report I receive from our Pastors in Papua New Guinea. Jiwaka Zone is south, heading from Mount Hagen to Lae. This zone has 353 Saints and many hundreds of pikininis. It is good to hear what is happening in our mission fields and their daily lives. PD

Dear Pastor Darcy

Subject: Monthly Report of December 2022.



Belated Happy New Year in Jesus name. May our Heavenly Father guide and protect us through another challenging year in 2023.

Firstly thank you so much, Pastor Darcy, for the administration support grants. Without your help, I would not have achieved progress in God’s work throughout Jiwaka and Highlands.

I want to report on the work progress for the church of God in the last three months of October, November and December 2022.

  1. October Zone Pastor Visit Goroka- Church
  2. Jiwaka Oversights Meeting- November
  3. Wedding Service with Xmas combine f/Ship- WH-Zone -December

My Zonal visit to Goroka at the end of October was to finalise all preparation for the new hall. The church is very excited and flourishing. It was pleasing to note their effort in ensuring the hall would be opened at any moment when Pastor Darcy and the group trip to PNG via Goroka way. Few people out of fellowship were counselled and admitted into the church because of the political pressure.

Secondly, the Jiwaka Oversights meeting has ended up with amending and proposing for 5 Centres to be prepared for opening, except for those centres on infrastructure that should continue for construction. We also encouraged the church to treasure moral values on the moral policy, which is the strongest foundation of our faith to be holy, without blemish and fault.

Lastly, Jiwaka Zone is very flexible to assist in any church activities. I was invited to provide assistance in conducting the wedding service of WH-Zone. Produce wedding documents both in tok pidgin and English. The wedding fellowship attracted brethren and observers from all over the Highlands region to attend after the wedding, and the combined fellowship were set home with happiness & enjoyment.

The Wedding for Leader Isaiah Jacob and Sr. Miriam had engaged in 2018 and were officially wedded on the 17th of December 2022. It was the centre of highlight for the church in the highlands.

Lastly, Pastor Darcy, as I spoke to you, my laptop has suddenly stopped operating due to overload and limited space on the local disk drive. I struggled to work on the computer with all the church reports and

Documents locked. However, I got HR IT to work on it while I used the Division computer to do my report.

As soon as IT fixes my laptop should be able to notify you and continue to send you the update of the monthly report.

Not least, District Pastor Smith has been released from WH- Zone and has come back to Jiwaka Zone after reviving and helping the church in Nembilye District for 2022 as an evangelising Pastor, helped centres in the District to operate normal spiritual gifts and communion service and basically understand RCC doctrine and moral policy. This was arranged and requested by WH-Zone.

As I said, Jiwaka Zone had built strong leadership from leaders training conferences to go out and preach the gospel of salvation and not only that but to teach them commands and degrees of God and to encourage them to stand firm and worship God in spirit and truth. (Acts 3:22) God raised local leaders or Pastors to look after the spirit-filled church in their hometowns, villages and Provinces.(Emphasises on Localisation)

For Jiwaka Zone, our tithings and offerings are separated into two parts. 50% of the budget is for Ministry, meaning Pastor or Leader uses it for visiting centres outside, and the other 50% is for administration or infrastructure work. This is amazing; it worked well for our Zone to flourish and grow stronger in faith.

On that note, I stop here and look forward to bringing more church news and reports in my following monthly report. Best wishes for your work in the Lord, and looking forward to seeing you soon- Amen

Pastor Simon Wahl Jiwaka Zone.

I wonder what is in the present?

There are Revival Centres in many parts of the world - some in third-world countries. Stories here target visits to our "Missions". All of our missions are completely run by locals, with occasional visits from people from other parts of the world.

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