Revival stops Tribal War

Revival stops Tribal War

From 17 to 26 September Jiwaka Zone in Papua New Guinea had one of its greatest church activities in Yakita, a centre located between Moro, Erave, Nipa and Gulf Province. The centre in Yakita, with 60 members, had a hall opening for their new hall which they built with a thatched roof made of sago and kunai grass.

The people moved over to Sugu Valley from the Wapi Sumi area due to a tribal fight that had lasted for two years. The entire population had deserted the area and resettled in Sugu Valley where there were no government services, trade stores or mobile communication. They lived constantly in the fear of war.

However, a Revival Centre got started there in 2014 when a family of four got baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost and set up the church. As a consequence of that, people from fighting tribes came to the area, got baptised and the church grew.

God is the peace-maker and in Sugu Valley there are no more threats or fear of war because Revival Centres Church had the truth (Word of God) preached to them and the whole community confessed that this was the church of God, saying God is in the valley with fire.

We had outreaches in the valley from the 20th  to 24th  and the hall opening was on 26 September 2015.

I had to leave my 10-seater Land Cruiser at the nearest road ending and then walked 7 kilometres – 5 to 6 hours – to reach Yakita. A daunting but exciting experience for me and my family, for the mission trip to that south-western part of the Southern Highlands District.

Praise the Lord, 32 baptisms at Yakita was the biggest conversion I have ever experienced since ministering the church in Highlands Zone and later becoming the zone Pastor for Jiwaka.

God bless in Jesus Name.

Zone Pastor Simon Wahl. JIWAKA, Papua New Guinea

Inside new hall
Inside new hall

Cutting the ribbon at the opening
Pastor Simon, cutting the ribbon at the opening of the new meeting place.


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  1. That’s what the Gospel is all about peace to the individual ,family and nation,Lets hear more good news.Continue the good work.

    • James Corliss : October 8, 2015 at 12:45 pm

      wow! God is the peace maker for sure; He gives us peace with him and he creates peace among men. so incredible to see him move all over the world…. the spirit is moving!

  2. Which country ?

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