Sawtell (NSW) Easter Camp

Revival Centres Church’s Easter camp in Sawtell New South Wales, seemingly came and went in the blink of an eye. Roughly 200 saints from Australia wide (and some Kiwi visitors) gathered by the beach for a long weekend of spiritual encouragement, sun and sand. The theme: IT’S TIME to have God in your life.

In the angelic singing of the Hawkes Bay visitors, the ministry brought to us by the young upcoming men, and in the wonderful fellowship and unity of the saints, one thing was abundantly clear: where two or more of His anointed are gathered, there is God in the midst.

As we all headed home, overstimulated from both conversation and coffee, we remember the powerful encouragement we received over the weekend. Keep God as the strength of your heart, seek to be the watchmen on the wall, and it is not only time to have God in your life, but it is time to do something with the Spirit He’s graciously given us. Amen.


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