Victorian Young Revivalists Camps

This year the theme for Young Revivalists Camp was ‘I’m a Child of the Great I AM’ with the teams of Kings, Priests and Prophets. There were two camps held with the Senior Camp starting on Friday 21st September and ending on the Wednesday Morning 26th September. This was followed by the Junior Camp which ran from the Wednesday afternoon of the 26th through to Sunday the 30th of September. The camp was held at ‘Weekaway’, north-west of Lancefield about a 1 ½ hour drive from the Melbourne Revival Centre.

The camp activities included Canoeing, Archery, Flying Fox, Go Go Golf, Craft, Chocolate Making, Ropes Course, Hut Building and Wood burning to name a few. We were spoilt with great food from the Weekaway team everyday with favourites including ‘Chicken Wraps’ and ‘Saucy Chocolate Pudding’, the Bush Lunch where you cooked your own sausage and damper was a hit. Two meetings were held each day which included a chorus session, items, talks run by the kids and on the last night of both camps the concert. The concerts required that all teams write their own song and play to be performed on the last night. In Senior Camp the red team of Priests stole the show with a musical and in Junior the green team of Prophets won with their play on Elijah and the ‘Priests’ of Baal with amazing costumes. Many embarrassing and entertaining items were also covered throughout both camps.

It was great to be able to get away from the pressures and expectations of the world and enjoy some quality camp time; many memories were made at camp with the Graduates having their luggage placed on an island in the middle of the lake, left to fetch it with one canoe! Over both Senior and Junior camps 7 children received the Holy Spirit with Bible evidence of Speaking in Tongues. Children and Leaders alike had a fantastic camp in 2012, thank you to all those who made the camp a reality, the hard work that went into organising the camp and donations that made it happen. Book in Young Revivalists Camp in for 2013, stay tuned for more information.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”10507″ size=”MaximumPage” autoHeight=”true”] Senior Camp Teams.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”10508″ size=”MaximumPage” autoHeight=”true”] The Graduates from Young Revivalists in 2012.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”10509″ size=”MaximumPage” autoHeight=”true”] Canoeing that normally ends in capsizing!

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”10510″ size=”MaximumPage” autoHeight=”true”] Junior Camp Teams.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”10511″ size=”MaximumPage” autoHeight=”true”] Everyone listening on how to do the Bush Lunch.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”10512″ size=”MaximumPage” autoHeight=”true”] One of the meetings in the Junior Camp.


The Melbourne assembly in Australia began just after World War 2. It is the headquarters for the Revival Centres Church globally. It is composed of three centres: Central (in Box Hill), Southern (in Mt Eliza) and Western (in Williamstown).

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