Warning: Scammers

There are a group of scammers preying on our good will.

If you get a phone call from someone claiming to be a pastor or person from one of our missions, say you will refer the matter to your pastor. Do NOT send money. In fact, just hang up.

The current story is that the person is “stuck in an airport on the way to a funeral in [your town], and Pastor Simon has asked me to call you because he is about to board a plane himself – he asked if you could help, to be reimbursed later”. Or similar.

Scammers target church people because they think we are a ‘soft touch’ – we have good will towards people in difficulty.

These people are not in difficulty, they are criminals. Hang up.


The Revival Centres Church was established after World War 2 in Australia, and has since grown into having assemblies around the world. We believe God is still answering people directly and personally today.

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