Wewak Zone PNG – Christmas Camp

We have a new convert Sunday Fellowship, and the baptisms added up to 32 baptisms. Five zones have gathered: Younggog, Wosera, Drekikier, Maprik and the host Wewak Zone.

We came at first with smiling faces and were very happy seeing all the saints from different assemblies in each zone.
However, the end of the Rally brought tears to the
eyes of everyone as we shook hands and said goodbye to everyone.
Overall, we are so blessed and enjoyed our stay at the Rally.
Today, it was announced that the Easter Camp for the year 2024 will be held in Bons, Wikakum Village, two Mile from Maprik Town, Maprik Zone.

To God be the Glory.
God bless
Zone Pastor Selestine Wafiki
RCC- Wewak Zone Five (5)


The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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