2013 – Year ending updates

Brisbane: Folk have headed off to camps in the State, with Bowen and Pottsville (NSW) the camps for Qld.  Pastor Darcy and his wife Ros and daughter Courtney, have headed for Hanmer Springs (South Island New Zealand) for their camp. (See news below).

Papua New Guinea: The first report in from the PNG camps is from the Camp at Drekikier District.  Over 900 people have travelled from the north part of the country to attend the camp.  Ministry, music, fellowship and feasting all combined to make a wonderful 4 days at this camp where 36 people were baptised and received the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues.

At Madang Christmas camp, 24 people were baptised and Spirit-filled.

Pastor Issac Wamin - Drekikier

Pastor Issac Wamin – Drekikier


Pastor Paul Poso - Madang

Pastor Paul Poso – Madang

Malawi: Has ended the year on a high as the good news is spreading further and further into the country.  Their last outreach saw 42 people baptised and receive the Holy Spirit.

Liberia: Pastor Cooper enjoyed this year as he is excited from his recent trip to Malawi, the opening of a new centre at Battery Station and the opportunity to get hold of some new Bibles to give to the officers and saints who are now able to have their own, and not have to share the few they had in their church hall.

Pastor Cooper (Monrovia - Liberia)

Pastor Cooper (Monrovia – Liberia)


Hanmer Springs Christmas Camp (South Island New Zealand)

Hanmer Spring Forest Camp

Over 120 people have gathered in Hanmer Springs for the South Island’s Christmas camp.  The rain that has descended on the mountain has not diminished the hospitality of the saints who have welcomed one and all from all over the country and across the big ditch.

This is a fully catered camp, which makes it so easy for everyone to get in and enjoy the meetings, ministry, items, testimonies and did I mention the abundance of food? This is one of those camps that needs to go on everyone’s bucket list.

The hall is pack, stand room only

The hall is packed, standing room only

The Aussie Item

The Aussie Item


Warning! careful how you speak to the kitchen staff, you may miss out on dinner

Warning! careful how you speak to the kitchen staff, you may miss out on dinner






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