Yatsing PNG – Morobe Zone Youth Close up

The Morobe Zone Young People Ministry held their end of year party for 2018 at Yatzing on the 14th – 16th of December 2018. A total of 140 Youngies from Four Districts of Morobe, Lae 50, Markham 50, Huon 19, Nawaeb 17 gathered together for the close up. The Yougies from Lae, Huon and Nawaeb were entertained by the Markaham Youngies popular Brass Band in a welcome Ceremony hosted by Markham District Saints. Over 200 people at the camp including Markham District Saints and children.

The program begins on Friday 14th in the evening with a formal welcome by the Markham District Pastor Abraham Dangu then followed by an evening fellowship where the youngies were reminded of what transpired in the garden of Eden in Genesis 3: 1 -7 . The Youngies were reminded that they have reentered the garden of Eden through the Holy Ghost Baptism and at all times must avoid fornication as they progress through a very challenging period of developing into adulthood. They were advised that marriage is in the house as Isaac and Rebekah in the Genesis 24: 67 and not in the garden or odd places.

Saturday 15th program begins with a mountain hike in the morning to swimming in the lake then lunch and volleyball competition in the afternoon, which was won by Markham 1 and Women was won by Markham 2. In the evening was a powerful and uplifting fellowship with youngies themselves sharing scriptures on prays Romans 8: 26 the power of praying in tongues, and to love one another Mathew 5: 43-45. In order to fulfill the love of Jesus Christ our mortal bodies must give birth to Jesus Christ as Maria did in the bible Mathew 1: 18, by infilling of the Holy Ghost we become the temple 1 Corinthians 3: 16.

Sunday 16th in the morning was a Communion Service and spiritual gift operation. The scriptures shared from the pulpit were Titus 2: 16, Proverbs 11: 20, 2 Samuel 16: 7, recalling the theme of Madang National Youth Rally 2015 “Empowering the Younger Generation”: The youngies were warned to be cautious of their natural understanding and to seek the wisdom of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost has given them the authority to kill the lust of the flesh and embrace the deeper spiritual under understanding as they progress in physical structure and age. Our vision is to embrace model families and clean church free of immorality. We have a responsibility to preach the Gospel of the Jesus Christ in Morobe Province and PNG.

Sunday Communion Meeting

In the evening was a short fellowship and Bible Quiz Competition. The Youngies were warned not be like Judas Iscariot Mathew 26 – 27 who has no legacy in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. We must not fall for things of this world like Iscariot and diminish our inheritance from the Kingdom of God. In Bible Quiz Lae District edging out Markham and Huon by a single point. There was plenty of food with three pigs slotted over the three days event. Youngies from Lae, Huon and Naeweb returned safely to Lae city on Monday morning. The morale is sky rocketing among the youngies and are looking forward to similar event anticipated in June 2019.

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