A funeral, a wedding and a Kiwi invasion

The week started with Gwen, our sister in the Lord is laid to rest with Pastor Craig Fox (RCC Sunshine Coast) performing the service. Then on Friday up to the mountain to Toowoomba, the Wedding of James Pearson and Olivia Watmore. Pastor Fred Wade (RCC Dubbo) did the wedding service too much joy when he said ‘I now pronounce you Man and Wife’.

Sunday brought us back to Brisbane for our main meeting, with Pastor David Manley (RCC Palmerston North NZ) bringing the first talk. He encouraged us all to be about “our Father’s Business” Our second meeting talk was given by Pastor David Pearson (RCC Auckland NZ). He spoke on “The Mission and promotion of Christ”.

Pastor Graeme McKinstry (RCC Dunedin NZ) took communion and Spiritual Gifts. Steve Rowe sang “Praise in my Heart” with Evan Leckenby (RCC Melbourne) bringing the final item.

It was a fitting way to complete a fantastic week of fellowship.

Olivia and James
Steve Rowe
Evan Leckenby

Darcy Ryan (RCC Brisbane)


The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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    Praise the Lord

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