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Easter meetings report from Pastor Francis who was at Nsanje and Phalombe.

Greetings, I am reporting on the meeting I attended in Nsanje last week during Easter.

I visited three of our newest assembly by the names of Makoko assembly, Mbenje assembly, and Chomombo assembly.

During our visit we had young people meetings and we had some prayers with them and the total number of young people who attended our meeting  was 56.

On the same day after the youth meeting we had also meeting with three pastors and elders from the church where we had some encouragement more especially about what we believe and the importance of both baptism and the receiving of the Holy Spirit.

We encouraged the pastors that they must make sure they are looking after all people in the church and also to make sure people are doing exactly according to the word of God and keep pointing them to Jesus who is our great teacher.

On Sunday about 24 people were baptised.

On the same same day pastor Eric was at the west side of Nsanje where there are also 2 of our new assemblies and about 41 people were baptised.

And in Phalombe East west and south also they had meetings .  There,  74 people were baptised. 

It is very nice to see more people coming to the Lord like this; it surely shows that people are hearing and obeying the word of God.

The work of the Lord is going good here and we had a big job more expecially in those new assemblies to keep going to make sure to encourage them so that we should be in the same track of believing and trusting the Lord as we await the Lord’s return.

Sorry that I didn’t send this in time because Innocent told me to send as soon as possible to you.

Thank you for the prayers that you always have for the saints in Malawi.

On behalf of our senior pastor I send this short report but I hope he will send the full report to you. Thank you.

From Pastor Innocent reporting from Blantyre.

We had a wonderful Easter meeting in BLANTYRE  Chirimba, with beautiful singing and powerful testimonies of salvation where 42  people were baptised and 23 received the Holy Spirit. In our Sunday gathering we were 420 people in our new hall.  The church in BLANTYRE is growing big, with powerful sound doctrine of our church.  Many people are coming to the Lord by experiencing the the change in their life by being baptised and receiving the Holy Spirit, with the bible evidence of speaking in a new tongue.

From Pastor Bikiel Phiri in Lilongwe.


The central zone Easter meeting was held on 29 -31 March 2024 at Mkalema Revival Centres Church; 70 people were baptised and many people also received the Holy Spirit and started speaking in other tongues. The abundant blessings of the Lord were evident throughout the three-day event and attendance was encouraging. Thank you.

From Pastor John in Uganda.


We spent the day in prayer and fasting.

Then had fellowships starting at 3:00pm to 4:00pm


We engaged in cleaning activities of our homes and church halls, choirs engaged in practicing hymns to sing carrying the easter message.

We asked fellowship members to invite their family members and neighbours who are not yet born again to join our meetings on easter and indeed we have managed to have two people liking the message and promised to come again.


We had easter Sunday celebration with a message of salvation John 3:16 and communion.

Pastor Matthew Muga in Tanzania.

Hello, this is information about the Easter service at our Revival meetings here in Dar es Salaam.

We have used this day to teach the importance of sharing the Lord’s table and showing how Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for us and encourages us to sacrifice ourselves for other people. 1 Cor 11:23-28 and sing spiritual songs to the Lord.

After the service we baptised one person.

Then we went to see a believer who had an accident and was badly injured, we had prayer for him and now he is doing well.

We have used this day to send the love of Jesus Christ to others and to teach a lot about the Lord’s table.


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