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Following on from Christmas Camps in Papua New Guinea where over 90 people were baptised and Spirit filled, another camp was held at Pineng.

The purpose of the camp was to open a new hall.

In 2010 Pastors Simon and Darcy walked from Dato (5.5 hours away from Pineng via river and jungle) to open a house meeting hall, and now a new hall has been built as the main centre for the area. Pastor Isaac Wamin reports that over 300 from Lumi and Wulukum have attended this camp and hall opening. 22 people have been baptised so far this weekend.

On the the last day of camp (Sunday), a wedding took place – the first in RCI for the district. The testimony of the bride and groom encouraged many in the community to come and witness a Church wedding service. The day saw another 15 people baptised and receive the Holy Spirit (a total of 37 people). Now that’s a great wedding present.

It’s been just over a year since that House Meeting was opened on top of the mountain, and already it has trebled in size.

Pastor Isaac (Drekikier),  Pastor Bonny (Lumi) and Pastor Luke (Wulukum) send their regards and an invitation to come and visit them in the jungles of PNG.


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  1. Donna Kilembe : May 21, 2015 at 5:21 am

    Government services has not reach many remote ares in Papua New Guinea but GOD ALMIGHTY has reached the four corners of Papua New Guinea SPIRITUALLY, and GOD WILL BLESS, HEAL N RESTORE PAPUA NEW GUINEA WHEN WE FEARFULLY ACCEPT & LEARN FAITHFULLY WORSHIP GOD IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. John4:23-24

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