Brisbane Art Show

Over the last week-end in April the Brisbane assembly had an Art Show outreach. It is amazing how much talent the Saints have in painting and sculpturing.

Our mezzannie floor was converted into an Art Gallery with over a hundred folk venturing out in the pouring rain to attend this outreach. Great time of fellowship and laughter.

“Eatable Art – Noah’s Ark”


“Grace Kelly”
“Garden of Eden made out of Toffee”         Yummy


The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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  1. I particularly liked the first one. A contemporary fusion of brightly coloured “food” objects reminiscent of the Hansel and Gretel story – a highly engaging outside speaking of something darker within (chocolate perhaps?). While some consider the use of m&ms de rigeur for such works, the artist has chosen boldly to link back to more traditional values through the use of smarties and what appear to be black jelly beans.

    The clash of this design with what at first appears to be a goblet, but on closer inspection could be a medicine-measuring cup completes an outwardly happy scene that, on further reflection, reveals cross-currents of doom.

    That the mezzanine floor of the Brisbane Revival Centre was able to snare such an outstanding piece in the same year as that other cathedral to the arts, Brisbane’s gallery of modern art (GOMA) is celebrating it’s fifth year, is truly a coup.

    Well done Brisbane RCI.

  2. The Hansel and gretel cake which my wife bought in the mission fund auction and we shared at the break the next dayat the end was yummy I liked the rocks on the path which were candy coated chocolate Green gummy grass and fruit sticks on the chimney Cake was good too!

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