Brisbane Prayer Fast Weekend

On Saturday (10 March) Brisbane had their first assembly prayer & fast (p&f) for the year, with the theme “Humanity needs an upgrade”. Our job is to do our very best to introduce people to our God because He’s the only one who can give humanity the upgrade to eternity which it so desperately needs in these last days. 

The p&f focused on workshopping how we can bring the gospel to people who respond with a put-down, an insult, foul language, or a conversation killer, when we first start talking to them. Lots of great ideas came from the folk at the p&f, but interestingly they all circulated around empathy, compassion, and concern for the person being spoken to, as well as a doggedness not to be put off by that person’s put-down. 

The ideas can all be summarized in four actions we can all take. 

1. Don’t assume bad intent by the person being spoken to; we don’t know their backstory, they may be having just a bad day. 

2. Ask questions; it’s a compliment to the person and allows us to see where they’re coming from. 

3. Stay calm, even when that person gets angry or upset with us. 

4. Make the point; make sure we nicely and gently but firmly make it clear that our God is their only hope.


The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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