Hamper Auction for Malawi


The Sydney assembly had an exciting auction yesterday around 30 hampers containing all sorts of goodies, with the proceeds going to the relief fund for our Malawi brothers and sisters.

People were very generous both in putting the hampers together and also bidding (sometimes with great intent!) on them.

The contents including things such as food, chocolates (of course) tea or coffee packs, movie tickets, a beach themed hamper, lollies, jelly beans, items from New Zealand, dinner made at your place (or ours), supper for six, a hamper for the house meeting to share and electrical services, to name a few.

It was a great idea and one that everyone seemed to get behind with the usual vigour that always humbles and inspires me.

The event raised approximately $2500 which goes with our prayers to God’s children in Malawi during this difficult time of drought and flood.



The Sydney Revival Centre has been around since the 1960s. A vibrant group of folks always ready to share a testimony.

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