Housemeeting Baptisms

Housemeeting Baptisms

The South-West Housemeeting in Sydney had a great meeting last night with two baptisms.

The meeting was convened at the house of a lady who wanted to be baptised as she had previously received the Holy Spirit at one of our Sunday meetings. So we got her bathtub full of warm water (although the HUGE fish tank filled with carp in the lounge room would have done the job!).

First we had the normal meeting of singing, testimonies, the talk from the word of God and the Spiritual Gifts… then, to our delight, the one baptism turned into two as her 9 year old son also wanted to be baptised like his Mum and in accordance with the scriptures.

By the end of the meeting we have two new souls in the Kingdom of God, both baptised by full immersion and both also have received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

That’s what its all about!

Praise the Lord and God Bless their new lives.

baptism in a bathtub
The second baptism of the night


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  1. Wonderful saints, God is good, keep up the good work for him.

  2. How exciting! It reminds me of how I was baptised 18 years ago. The last 18 years have been the best. It is a wonderful walk with the Lord. God is a gracious god.

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