Kenya Update

This report is from Pastor James Ndayishimiye from Nairobi, Kenya.

This last Saturday we had our rally and we were able to go on the streets share food with streets people because they can go 3 days without any food and we shared the great news of this wonderful Holy Spirit that we have received and many of them received the Holy Spirit by the evidence of speaking in tongues and they were baptized the following day.

The young people, Esther and myself were able to raise a small amount of money and other young people in the assembly to do this.

The saints in Kenya as in all the churches in Africa are busy doing their best to spread the gospel and the church is growing from all these various ways of reaching out into their local communities and using these opportunities to preach the gospel and see people wonderfully born again as they are baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit.


There are Revival Centres in many parts of the world - some in third-world countries. Stories here target visits to our "Missions". All of our missions are completely run by locals, with occasional visits from people from other parts of the world.

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