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Hi all,
What a couple of days. It started in Bhaktapur where I thought we were visiting four people. When we arrived we found 17 people some of whom had been fasting for three days.

Only one person was known to Chandra. After an explanation as to why it was necessary to receive the Holy Spirit we had prayer for those who wanted to receive. Seventeen wanted to receive. I think 11 or 12 did receive although more indicated that they believed they had. This was understandable as everyone was greatly blessed by the Lord.

This was the most incredible prayer meeting I have ever experienced. It was like a mini Pentecost. I’m sure they could be heard from a block away.

After the Bhaktapur experience we had two two meetings today where 8 people received the Holy Spirit. These were all at another new fellowship. That makes 12 filled with the Spirit here. We are going back tomorrow for some baptisms.

We now have three fellowships in Katmandu but this might grow rapidly as I have contact with 3 more that I have to follow up this week. I have one big problem; I can’t be at 6 meetings on Saturday at once.

David and Pastor Chandra from Katmandu



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