Look out Norwich!

This morning I had the pleasure of visiting and ministering to a small group of RCI zealots in Norwich, Norfolk, in the United Kingdom.

It is a little known fact that until the Industrial Revolution, Norwich was the capital of this most populous county in England. So it goes to reason that the crew here are willing and able to represent the Revival Centres, and save some souls in this large city. Look out Norwich! This small band of warriors has something of value to tell you!

Recently, Bryan and Tracy welcomed three new imports from New Zealand who are delighted to settle in Norwich and get busy for The Lord.

Today I was also fortunate to meet an elderly gentlemen, at the meeting, who received the Holy Spirit in the mid forties and was the baptised in the river Jordan! He recently received a leaflet in his letterbox and has been with us ever since!

Great times, enthusiastic folk that deserve your prayerful support.

God Bless

Pastor Simon








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